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Enrich your life with home cooking

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Are you ready to expand your cooking talents? Are you tired of always resorting to take out food or boxes from the grocer’s freezer? Do you wish you knew more recipes so you could save money by cooking at home?

Cooking skills come with time and practice. Most televised cooking shows set the bar too high for people who want to learn how to be better cooks. Watching talented professionals prepare gourmet dishes is quite fascinating, but it is not really helpful for aiding you in maintaining a healthy and affordable menu for you and your family. And even the cooking shows that purport to be about “quick and easy meals” tend to drift into fantasy land and use expensive ingredients and gloss over the actual times involved for preparation.

 As for eating out all the time, it is an expensive and inefficient use of food dollars (which are getting stretched like pizza cheese these days). Also, eating processed foods from store freezers, packaged dinners, and overly fatty and high fructose corn syrup laden foods from fast food restaurants is unhealthy and usually does not taste good due to the low quality of ingredients. When a person is accustomed to decent home cooking with quality ingredients, the fast food options become less and less appealing.

The goals of this website are to help you improve your cooking, eat healthier food, and learn new recipes. This website includes:

  • Recipes for beginner and intermediate cooks.
  • References for the development of cooking skills.
  • How to include cooking as part of your life.

You will not always have the inclination to cook. Eating out can remain a part of your lifestyle, but you will curtail excessive use of restaurants and spend more time in your kitchen, enjoying your home, spending time with friends and family, and feeling proud of your cooking accomplishments. Oh, and really appreciating the food you eat!

Coming home and cooking after a long day at work does not have to be as burdensome as you think. As you develop cooking skills and collect recipes that are tasty and easy, you can look forward to your time in the kitchen as creative time that produces a satisfying meal.

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