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Main Dish Recipes

Taco salad recipe
Crunchy, cheesy and full of veggies, taco salad offers an easy dinner any time.

Cheese enchiladas recipe
Warm and comforting, these cheese enchiladas are rich and flavorful.

Main dish omelet recipe
A baked omelet full of hearty breakfast goodies.

Pasta carbonara recipe
Creamy with lots of bacon, pasta carbonara is not low fat but it is high taste.

Southwest style eggs recipe
Simple and full of salsa, use this recipe for a quick and satisfying meal.

Chicken and rice casserole recipe
Cold days just beg for casseroles. Chicken and rice go together in a creamy and easy recipe.

Chicken thighs recipes
Affordable chicken thighs are versatile and offer a tasty source of meat for many recipes.

Chicken parmigiana recipe
A casserole you can make in under an hour. Have a great Italian dinner with only a few ingredients.

Crunchy tropical chicken recipe
Easy to make and packed with hearty nutrition when served with brown rice.

Grilled pork with apricot glaze recipe
Fire up the grill and enjoy sweet mustard glaze on pork garnished with apricots.

Crab cakes recipe
If it has crab meat in it, then it just has to rock.

Sweet and sour pork recipe
With lots of practice you just might be able to beat your favorite Chinese restaurant.

Roast chicken recipe with wild rice stuffing
A lovely dinner with delicious and nutritious stuffing, and all for a modest price.

Flank steak recipe
A nicely flavorful medium quality cut of beef becomes a tender and savory meal in this easy recipe.

Oven fried chicken recipe
A wonderful coating of pecans and sesame seeds enhance this easy recipe for skinless chicken pieces.

Chile relleno casserole recipe
Cheesy and full of mild green chile flavor, this baked omelet would enliven a brunch buffet or provide an easy weekday dinner.

Mexican lasagna recipe
When you want an easy dinner with Mexican flavor, go for this easy casserole recipe.

Chicken and dumplings recipe
Uncomplicated and satisfying this chicken and dumplings recipe is perfect for a quiet day off with something good simmering on the stove.

Pork chops with oranges recipe
Easy, simple, and delicious, this recipe for pork chops can be made by anybody. A great starter recipe for new cooks.

Vegetable burrito recipe
Spicy, cheesy, and vegetarian, this recipe for burritos makes a satisfying and nutritious meal.

Cheesy and creamy baked chicken recipe
An easy chicken casserole that requires few ingredients and delivers great flavor.

Seafood lasagna recipe
A casserole made with clams, spinach, and two cheeses, it is easy to prepare and offers a break from the same old dinners.

Peanut butter oatmeal recipe
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Enrich oatmeal with peanut butter for a hearty and tasty start to the day.

Orange French toast recipe
An orange and strawberry syrup enhances this classic breakfast recipe that can be served anytime.

Roast beef with herbs recipe
Make an easy and elegant dinner on a budget. The only hitch is you need to plan ahead one day.

Oven fried chicken breasts recipe
A fast and easy dinner of tender white meat chicken with a crispy coating.

Vegetarian chili with black beans recipe
Thick with hominy and black beans this spicy vegetarian chili will feed a crowd.

Halibut with chipotle sauce recipe
The delicious and delicate flavor of halibut supports a creamy and spicy chipotle sauce. Easy and healthy fish recipe.

Marinated flank steak recipe
Have beef for dinner with a simple ginger and honey marinade that gets the steak ready for the grill.

Beef asparagus stir fry recipe
With a little chili pepper boost, this elegant stir fry provides a tasty dinner.

Ginger chili chicken drumsticks recipe
An interesting blend of spiciness and cool cucumber sauce define this tasty chicken recipe.

Beef tacos recipe
Have a recipe handy so you can make this basic week day meal right with good ingredients.

Cheese-stuffed manicotti recipe
Rich blend of ricotti, mozzarella, and Parmesan stuff the pasta and then a Swiss cheese wine sauce covers it.

Sloppy Joes recipe
Easy to make and satisfying, sloppy Joes hit the home menu sooner or later. Use this recipe for a Sloppy Joe mix that sticks to the bun.

Lime chicken recipe
Tangy lime sauce enlivens this chicken recipe. Try on the grill or under the broiler.

Bean and cheese nachos recipe
Quick, easy, and delicious, these nachos are vegetarian and anyone can make them for a snack or meal.

Halibut in spicy lemon sauce recipe
Fast to make and delicious to eat, halibut joins happily with a lemon white wine sauce enhanced with banana peppers.

Spicy peanut chicken recipe
With curry powder punch and creamy peanut butter, this fast chicken recipe dishes up great flavor and a nice change of pace.

Spicy chili recipe
An unabashedly meat style chili full of spices and interesting flavors created by the addition of beer, coffee, and cocoa.

Peanut chicken stir fry recipe
Fast to make, tastes good, and you probably have the ingredients in the house. Get the wok out and start cooking.

Tailgate casserole recipe
Ground beef, noodles, and lots of cheese, this easy to make casserole is comforting and ready to dish up on game day.

Beef enchilada casserole recipe
Layers of meat sauce, cheese, and tortillas create a creamy and flavorful Mexican inspired casserole anyone can cook.

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