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Side Dish Recipes

Rice pilaf recipe
Learn this basic pilaf recipe for a nutty side dish or snack.

Brown rice pilaf with bacon recipe
A more elaborate pilaf packed with rich flavor that will elevate a dinner to a special event.

Mexican kashi recipe
This buckwheat side dish has avocado and tomatoes for great taste and nutrition.

Fried rice with bacon recipe
You don't have to go out for Chinese to get fried rice. Make it at home any way you like it.

3 Strawberry spread and topping recipes
Add a spoonful of sweet strawberry flavor to everything from toast to dessert

Tomato salsa recipe
Make delicious and nutritious salsa at home and control the spiciness to suit yourself.

Asparagus soup recipe
A delicate soup abundant with green energy that will enliven any dinner.

Peanut soup recipe
When you are looking for something different, this soup recipe delivers a rich blend of flavors.

Garlic tomato soup recipe
Tomatoes love to get fired up with garlic. Make this homemade tomato soup as garlicky as you want.

Crab dip recipe
This Louisiana style crab dip heats up the party with horseradish and red pepper sauce.

Ham and cheese soup recipe
Here is that potato, cheese, and ham flavor you crave in soup.

Egg salad recipe
It is a classic sandwich that is easy to make. A must have recipe for after Easter.

Macaroni and cheese recipe
Simple and yummy, this basic casserole is a hit with kids and adults.

Pineapple pecan gelatin salad
A fruity and crunchy gelatin salad that will beautify any table.

Curried chickpeas with vegetables recipe
A zesty side dish packed with nutrition and flavor. Serves as a starchy dish and a vegetable dish.

Four cheese pasta recipe
A gourmet blend of cheeses makes this simple Italian pasta dish a creamy side dish or hearty lunch.

Vinaigrette style cole slaw recipe
It will keep fresh and tasty in the refrigerator for 5 days as it marinates in a tangy vinegar dressing.

Mashed potatoes casserole recipe
You can't go wrong with mashed potatoes when you put together a big dinner. Creamy and comforting.

Guacamole recipe
Have guacamole anytime. It's so good, you don't need a special occasion.

Avocado and tomato salad recipe
An easy to make salad with simple ingredients. The oil and vinegar dressing enhances the salad perfectly.

Potato pancakes recipe
A traditional side dish that transforms leftover mashed potatoes into a wonderful starchy side.

Tomato mozzarella and basil salad recipe
A traditional Italian salad that is simple to make and totally tasty.

Lobster bisque recipe
This classic restaurant seafood soup can be made at home and only needs one lobster tail.

Mini spring rolls recipe
Roll up a pile of these crunchy appetizers just like you get at a Chinese restaurant.

Garbanzo bean sandwich spread recipe
Healthy and tasty, this sandwich spread is a great choice for vegetarians or for people who just need a change of pace. Affordable too.

Potato salad recipe
Make this popular style of potato salad with hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise mustard dressing for your next party.

Sergio's rice and beans recipe with sofrito
Enjoy a hearty side dish packed with traditional Puerto Rican flavor.

Hot and sour soup recipe
Relieve a stuffy nose or just enjoy a spicy soup that is a favorite Chinese dish.

Pistachio pudding salad recipe
Green, fluffy, and very tasty, salad does not seem like quite the right word for this sweet and creamy side dish. Maybe dessert salad is better?

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